i'm trying my best too be content with who i am, but sometimes i'm just so disgusted with myself



do you ever get so obsessed with a game that you start playing it in your head before you sleep

Omg yes


I’m one of those people who likes the little things, like holding hands. It’s so simple and yet so fulfilling. Whether it’s walking around, to driving in the car, or even when you’re laying down together. When your fingers are just interlocked and one of you squeezes a little tighter. Or when they slowly run their thumb up and down the side of your fingers. For something so small and insignificant, it can leave chills throughout your whole body for hours.

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I somehow remember the way it use too feel too love whole heartedly and have you love me the same. How everything new felt right as long as it was with you. How we’d stare into each other’s eyes and had this deep widening connection between us. I can’t help but miss how our days and nights were before everything turned too shit. Before you turned into someone I don’t know anymore. I can’t deny I miss you, bc I do. Even though you’re right in front of me. I miss the way you made me genuinely happy, it wasn’t forced or something I had too pretend existed. Or the way you use too hold me up so high, you even had me fooled that I was actually somewhat worth the fight. But now all I’m left with are empty promises and damaged emotions. I’m kind of just done pushing for someone who obviously doesn’t want me in return. It’s over.